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100 Thieves is a lifestyle brand focusing on gaming content, e-sports, and apparel.
The Airspace Link platform is an all-in-one FAA-certified, cloud-based platform simultaneously connecting all constituents involved in legally flying a drone. State & local governments use the Airspace Link portal to define areas of risk, special ordinance and event restrictions within the community. Drone pilots plan and submit operations to the FAA through Airspace Link, enabling faster approvals and a stronger mitigation plans for complex flights (BVLOS, inspection, package delivery). With the combined data, Airspace Link is building new drone airspace infrastructure (similar to toll roads).
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Autobooks is simple banking that works for small businesses. Autobooks works with financial institutions to deliver what small businesses need: cash flow management, payment services, and financial reporting integrated directly into current banking channels. Autobooks provides a simple, yet automated approach to small business banking. Our solution makes accounting and payments easy to understand, which helps small business in their day-to-day, giving them more time to do what they do best. Autobooks creates opportunities for established business owners, as well as emerging micro, lifestyle and gig economy entrepreneurs.
Bloomscape is devoted to strengthening the relationships people have with things that grow. We make buying plants simple, by delivering healthy, ready-to-go plants to your door and giving you all the tools to keep the relationship growing.
Branch Insurance is a Columbus, Ohio-based technology-driven home and auto insurance company. Branch utilizes innovative technology to make bundling home and auto insurance online quicker and easier than ever before. By tapping into the power of community, Branch is on a mission to make insurance more accessible and affordable for everyone. Branch was founded in 2017 by insurance veteran Steve Lekas and tech entrepreneur Joe Emison, and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.
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CoverTree is an insurtech MGA focused on revolutionizing specialty insurance sectors. We are taking on major insurance companies by bringing digital distribution and data-driven pricing to an undeveloped line of business such as manufactured homes (modular, tiny, ADU, etc). 22 Million Americans live in manufactured homes, but insurance for them is dominated by just 2 traditional insurance players. We are the first digital Manufactured Home product and also the first to use more rigorous, data-driven pricing. CoverTree’s goal is to expand into other adjacent specialty markets (such as RV) to become THE specialty insurtech company. CoverTree is still in stealth mode, but we’ve raised $2M from the best Venture Capitals in Michigan (Detroit Venture Partners, Ludlow Ventures, Annox Capital), maintain an insurance backing from a great F500 American carrier, and have secured distribution from giants in the space.
Digital Onboarding Inc. is a SaaS technology that offers a fully automated digital engagement platform that is purpose-built for financial institutions. The platform enables banks, credit unions, credit card companies, and investment management firms to create personalized emails, texts, and step-by-step digital guides to optimize customer lifecycle communications at every stage.
Ethos Life
Ethos Life
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Ethos provides modern, ethical life insurance to protect the life you're building and the people you love. Ethos is built for people who don't have time for fine print, extra doctors appointments or hidden fees. We transformed a 15-week process of paper applications and medical exams, into just the click of a button - by quantifying the user’s health risk using predictive models.
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Floyd is a digitally native furniture brand with a mission to change the way people consume, keep, and enjoy their furniture. We create thoughtful products for the way people live today, with a simple online purchase process and easy assembly. Our products are designed in Detroit and sustainably manufactured primarily in the U.S.
Genius celebrates More Than The Music—the lyrics, the stories behind the songs, and the creative connections that meaningfully drive culture. We champion curiosity and believe that everyone has music knowledge to share: insights, intel, and musings that make us more informed, engaged music lovers. As the world's biggest music encyclopedia with a passionate community of more than two million contributors, Genius is a destination for artists, creatives, and superfans to discuss and deconstruct all things music.
Grand Circus is a learning institute that teaches high-demand technology skills and connects the region’s employers to exceptional talent. Our 14-and 28-week remote coding bootcamps produce graduates with the latest technical knowledge and soft skills required to thrive in the region’s growing tech sector. We also offer advanced workshops and both reskilling and upskilling solutions for companies of all sizes.
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Guardhat is a multi-product, feature-packed intelligent safety system that integrates cutting edge wearable technology and advanced proprietary software. It is equipped to detect, alert and help prevent hazardous industrial work-related incidents. It is designed to collect and analyze data to support and improve industrial worker safety programs.